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Impressions 5 nights Yoga Retreat

yoga retreat & classes in pai

5 Nights Yoga Retreat Pai, Thailand

200hrs. Yoga Teacher Training Thailand

Our location close to Chiang Mai, North of Thailand



What make people choose us?

We have been organizing retreats in Pai Valley for more than 8 years; we are based here all year round.  We prefer to work with smaller groups, of between 5 and 18 peoples, that way we can spend some time with each person offering individual mentoring and guidance.

Our focus is on purification and internal peace.  We teach way to a holistic approach to life; it represents the ongoing journey of discovery of the Self. Being ‘holistic’ is a lifestyle. It’s not just about eating organic food and being a yogi. It’s about looking at your whole life, from food to career to your relationships and removing what’s toxic from it.

Pai valley offers a diverse range of natural attractions; Mountains for walkers, bikers and climbers, woodlands and waterfall for nature lovers and explorers, hot spring to soak in mineral.  Our location is fit for those needing an oasis of nature, calm and bliss, far away from all the modern glitz.

Put on your bucket list to go to Xhale Yoga Retreat.

This is by far one of the best retreat I ever attended over the past few years. Everything about this place is awesome. The food, accommodation, location and most of all Bhud herself.  It’s almost like a mini teacher training, it’s so much more than a retreat.

Maxine Cox

This retreat changed my life and my meditation practice has stayed with me ever since I discovered it in Pai with Xhale Yoga Retreat.

Lorna Jutton

Most certainly recommend Xhale Yoga Retreat I went into the retreat with a bit of trepidation about not being flexible/ good enough for yoga, and came out completely refreshed and empowered within myself.

Matilda Chew

yoga retreat & classes in pai

About teacher and our Philosophy

Bhud Suriyasongsaeng – Yoga Teacher & Training Facilitator

My name is Bhud, a qualified @E-RYT200 Yoga Teacher & Facilitator, Founder of Xhale Yoga Retreat.

I have been a yoga practitioner for more than 25 years and sharing my experience of yoga in many of its various forms with students for over 10 years.   For me, Yoga is a fundamental guiding toward self-love and holistic yogic living.

My teaching style for asana originates from many years of study and training with many masters around world in Asia, Australia and Europe.  I work deeply influenced by Hatha flow Yoga. However, one of my greatest inspiration come from Paddy McGrath, who inspired by the original of the late Vanda Scaravelli’s theory, which emphasis on a quality of movement in response to Gravity, Breath and Spine.

My focus of teaching including ways of bringing more awareness to what is happening inside us as we practice, which encourage the body to unravel into yoga positions from within rather than having to be pushed or pulled into them from without. Therefore, the body creates least tension and effort.

You do not need energy to do Yoga

But rather, Yoga gives you energy!!

One breath at the time


Our retreat schedule!


May  20 – 25

June  10 – 15

August  19-24

November  18-23

December  2-7

December  16-21



January  6 – 11   

January  20 – 25

February  3 – 8

200hrs Teacher Training Courses

July 2019 (200hrs. Teacher Training)
July 3 – 27

October 2019 (200hrs. Teacher Training)
October 2 – 26

December 2018
3 – 8   |   17 – 22

January 2019
7 – 12   |   21 – 26

February 2019
4 – 9

May 2019
20 – 25

June 2019
10 – 15

200hrs Teacher Training Courses

July 2019 (200hrs. Teacher Training)
July 3 – 27

August 2019
19 – 24

200hrs Teacher Training Courses

October 2019 (200hrs. Teacher Training)
October 2 – 26

November 2019
18 – 23

December 2019
2 – 7 | 16 – 21

January 2020
6 – 11   |   20 – 25

February 2020
3 – 8

yoga retreat pai chiang mai


This 5nights immersion is for those who are new to yoga or experienced practitioners who are looking to revitalize yoga practice, deepen and bring more awareness to gain confidence.

yoga teacher training chiang mai

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Pai, Thailand

Whether you are aiming to be a future teacher or deepen your practice, this is a Yoga TTC that covers all knowledge of yoga and elevates teaching skills. If you are looking for a Yoga teacher training in Chiang Mai, we are just a 20 min flight or 3 hours by mini bus.


We are not offering Drop in classes

Our Philosophy


“We are our own best teachers, all we have to do is listen deeply and increase our awareness.. Do not kill the instinct of the body for the glory of the pose.”
My heart filled with respectful toward Vanda Scaravellis’ wisdom


yoga teacher training thailand

Our Diet and Foods

Since diet is our major concern how to create the most foods that your body need. Our diet not only concern on vegetarian but more over we are concern how we process our food with a maximum nutritionally balanced alkaline, locally grown, fresh picked, tropical fruits, sprouts, nuts and seeds prepared in simple yet delicious and healthy recipes, served in modest proportions.

However, we can cater for just about any special diet, gluten free, non-daily products or other allergies, but please let us know in advance so we can stock up on what we need to feed you well.

Xhale Yoga Retreat

92 Moo 1

Wiang Nua, Pai, Mae Hong Son

58130 Thailand

Please notice: We apologize that we do no offer drop-in classes!

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