About Pai

Pai, only a few hours of Chiang Mai, North of Thailand

A beautiful yet incredibly tiny mountain town enveloped in natural setting that is fresh and relax atmosphere call “Pai”

With an easy going atmosphere and multi-cultural with Karen, Hmong, Lisu, and Lahu tribe have blended together here to form a unique set of cultural traditions. Pai also has many natural, trekking, mountain biking, tubing in the river Pai, hot springs, Pai canyon and many popular waterfalls. This small town also offer a vibrant art and music culture that can be seen and heard as you walk around Pai’s small downtown area.

How to Get to Pai

  • From Bangkok: Plane, Bus or Train to Chiang Mai
    Fly domestic to Chiang Mai: check at Air Asia, Thai Smile or Lion Air
  • From Chiang Mai: Plane or Bus to Pai
    • Flight to Pai from Chiang Mai: 20 mins, please check at Kan Air for schedule and fees.
    • Bus or Minivan information: 3hrs. ride
      Tour companies and guesthouses all over Chiang Mai arrange bus/minivan service between Chiang Mai and Pai. Cost approx. THB 180 ($6)
      Or get in touch with AYA Service, they normally run bus every hour from 7am. to 5pm
      Or Arcade bus station in Chiang Mai offer normal bus and minivan every hour from 6am. till late

Pai annual weather

Seasons & Climate

The high mountain ranges and surrounding misty jungles help to keep Pai significantly cooler than many of Thailand’s surrounding regions. There are three main seasons in Pai with an annual average temperature of 25º C / 77º F.

In the cool season, November through February, Pai experiences a large contrast between daytime and evening temperatures with morning temperatures averaging 21º C / 70º F, and nighttime temperatures dropping as low as 6º C / 43º F. December and January are the coldest months in Pai.

In the hot season, which lasts from March through May, the temperature averages from 17º C / 63º F in March to 36º C / 97º F by late May. With April being the warmest month of the year

Although the rainy season, which lasts from May through October, it’s most beautiful and lush time of the year.

Xhale Yoga Retreat

92 Moo 1

Wiang Nua, Pai, Mae Hong Son

58130 Thailand


Please notice: We apologize that we do no offer drop-in classes!

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