Yoga Teacher Training

“I did both the 5 day retreat and the yoga teacher training at Bhud and I am totally thrilled.

Bhud goes deeply into the yoga philosophy and shares her most personal experiences with her students. Thus, one is forced to deal with himself, which in this context is the Budh offers an incredibly healing journey.

I have never experienced a group leader who brings so much love and ensures that the group but also every individual has room to grow. There is also plenty of room to laugh, cry, be crazy, hug, dance, get in and out of yourself. This was not just a yoga teacher training, it was a life experience that I can only recommend to anyone!”

Judith Seiler


Xhale Yoga 200-hour yoga teacher training program is to encourage student with a strong creative focus to unlock each student’s individual potential and unique voice. The foundation knowledge of anatomy, alignment and adjustments will serve as a powerful base from which to teach and guide your students through a practice that educates, inspires, creative, ethical awareness and heals.

You will come away with a strong foundation in the technical, creativity, inspirational and business side of yoga that combine together to connect to the meaningful purpose of teaching and living.

Incredible Experience

I would totally recommend this course for everyone in every section of life.
Thank you so much for giving me the chance to learn so much more about my body and my mind, to find my spirit and joy in life.

Isabell Schad

Your YTTC, your choice: 
Pai or Koh Phangan?

คอร์สครู 200 ชม.

What makes People choose
Xhale Yoga? 

  • We are NOT a yoga factory, Xhale Yoga is all about that homemade experience. Our groups range from 5-10 peoples in each Teacher training course, so each of
    student shall have space where one can feel safe to open up and more one on one to create own sequences and deepen your posture.
  • We teach how to be a GOOD teacher: Ethical awareness is one and most profound to begin to see clearly your purpose and mental well-being. When you live with greater awareness so you can help others to do the same.
  • Education, Entertainment and Empowering: Engaging and Informative lectures and discussions on anatomy, philosophy, and methodology. Expressive Music, Dance,
    and Movement Sessions to help you find your Voice as a teacher. You would learn not only the pose but also why you do the pose and the many angle of body alignment knowledge.
  • Live a meaningful purpose of life through a Holistic Lifestyle approach:
    Nutrition diet as a natural medicine, Introduction to Ayurveda and Living balanced with Chakra and its energy, Silence morning, Eco-friendly.
  • We are a Yoga Alliance Registered school, You may
    apply for RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance on completion of
    this training.

What does the YTTC
Curriculum include?

  • Daily Hatha Flow & Yin yoga practices
  • Pranayama and guided Meditation
  • Asana Clinic, Alignment, one on one guidance
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Learn Sequencing techniques, tips on giving cues
  • Learn Assisting and Adjusting
  • Traditional and Modern Yoga philosophy, Q&A
  • Project and assignments
  • Basic Sanskrit
  • Ayurveda, the Science of Life
  • Yogic diet and Thai cooking course
  • Thai massage foundation workshop
  • Chakra and it’s function
  • Music and Dance
  • a RYT-200 certificate when completed

What will your day look like? 

The schedule base on Monday to Saturday

7.30 Rise with herbal tea, Nasal cleansing  

08.00 Pranayama and Hatha Flow Yoga
10.00 Morning energy shakes
10.30 Yin Yoga, Meditation or Chanting
12.00 Lunch break , Study and Relaxation or Massage
14:30 Yoga philosophy, anatomy, hand on adjustment,
yoga nutrition, Chakra, Group project, Ayurveda, Sanskrit,
Yoga clinic, One on one guidance
16.45 Practice teaching, Assignment, Feedback and/or
18.15 Dinner

During this 4 weeks, the time schedule of Monday to Saturday will be the same, but the subjects will change according to the program Sundays are the days off with expectation for some homework.

Yoga Activities during the YTTC

The 200-hour Xhale Yoga Teacher Training consists of 3 intensive modules over 24 days. Each day includes yoga workshops in the style of Hatha Yoga or Yin Yoga, guided meditations & pranayama, philosophy & yogic diet, support from the Xhale Yoga team, and an internationally renowned guest teachers.

Module I: Self LOVE

Discovering your authentic environment you are living with. Through the practice of Yoga Asana, Pranayama or Breath works and Mindfulness Meditation to explore more how to serve your body intelligently. Learn to ‘embody’ philosophy of yoga through 8 Limbs of Yoga, living the art of Yama and Niyama lifestyle in a meaningful themes, cultivate skills to see the ‘beauty and good’ in self and in others.


Awaken with each day yoga practice and finding the core of being meditative in action. Practice and cultivating from your own yoga asana experiences focusing on cultivating intelligent inspiration, establishment and learn to navigate your meditations. Dive deeper to cultivate an understanding of subtle body anatomy, introduction to body muscle line through Thai massage course as well as Ayurvedic principles, Chakra and Energy System. Exceeds daily Yoga Alliance requirements in: Anatomy, philosophy, asana, meditation, pranayama, practicum and ethics.


 Develop skillful language to weave themes into postural instruction, built class environment; uplift, inspire, and create a sense of community, sequencing, cueing and the language of yoga; tone, clarity –learn practical ways to integrate these teachings into a yoga class to make them more meaningful and personal. With our ‘Yoga clinic help gain more understanding how to work on each body intelligently as well as give hand on assistance to each individual practitioner.

Anatomy and Physiology

Certification online course with Close group discussion

You will discuss how the bones, muscles, joints, and all of the systems of the body interact in various yoga poses, and how they are physically and energetically beneficial to us.

Rachel Ellery, a UK-trained Osteopath, specializes in teaching human anatomy and movement principles to yoga students/teachers from around the world. Her mantra “educating and moving the world one body at a time” stems from over 24 years of hands on experience and 15 years of teaching.

As part of her natural progression Rachel studied for an honors degree from the British School of Osteopathy, where she graduated in 2000.

Since then, Rachel has practiced osteopathy, taught anatomy, osteopathic technique and other related workshops such as the importance of touch and cueing in the UK, New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia.

Philosophy, Ayurveda & Chakra System

Philosophy, texts, and concepts

Based on 8 Limbs of Yoga by the Sage of Patanjali. We will learn on how we could bring harmonise to our day to day life throught the Yama and Niyama, the first 2 limbs of Yoga.


Ayurveda, also known as the sister science of yoga, will be introduced as a complimentary technique. It has a lot to do with balancing your own individual constitutions with the use of herbs, better dietary choices, and even your asana, pranayama, and meditation practices to create better overall health, radiance, and peacefulness.

Chakra System

We take a more in-depth look into the chakra system and how it relates to students and movement. As well as self study to heal and grow as human beings and teachers.

Next Yoga Teacher Training (YTTC 200 hrs)

An incredibly healing journey!

I have never experienced a group leader who brings so much love and ensures that the group but also every individual has room to grow. There is also plenty of room to laugh, cry, be crazy, hug, dance, get in and out of yourself. This was not just a yoga teacher training, it was a life experience that I can only recommend to anyone!

Judith Seiler

คอร์สครู 200 ชม.