“Beyond expectations”

I am profoundly touched physically, mentally and spiritually. I came to Xhale a weary body and listless soul and left it re-energised beyond my expectations.  I am still reaping benefits from it now, two weeks after the retreat is over! 🙂

Wendy Chan, Singapore

“one of the best gift I ever given myself”

Yayel Levanon, Israel

“Xhale Yoga Retreat = Amazing”

I am a yoga teacher and I have gone to many retreats in S.E. Asia in the last 3 years.

Bhud’s retreat is by far the best yet! It put me  in touch with life again. Retreat vegetarian cooking is to die for. There’s so much love in every dish she puts together.  The ‘In Pai Resort’ accommodation is top notch.  The free Wifi is a bonus. The people that run it are the friendliest people you’ll meet.

Strongly recommended! …

Hang Nhan, Vietnam and USA

“The best yoga retreat I’ve ever attended”

This was an incredible  experience and I’ve been to many yoga retreats throughout the world. The setting was beautiful in the midst of rice paddies and mountains and the scene itself lent to the peace felt.  Bhud is a gifted guide whole pleasure in sharing her knowledge and love of yogapervades every aspect of program.

It was a week of immersion into yoga, your inner self and Thailand and you leave renewed with unforgettable memories.

Lydia Terry, Costa Rica


I didn’t want to leave!!  I would definitely recommend to others and hope to return myself. ..

Victoria Krivonos, UK

“A life changing experience!”

Bhud is really living ‘yoga’. I really loved the yoga philosophy talks, loved  the chanting (Kirtan),  I loved the yoga sessions. I learned a lot about breathing and cleansing!

This whole week was a transformation for me and the words of Bhud still resonate in my ears and I am sure they will, for a very long time. Thank you Bhud!

Annick Cuvelier, Netherland

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Isabell Schad
Isabell Schad
18:38 29 Dec 19
I took the 200hrs TTC with Bhud. It was an incredible experience. When I signed in for the TTC, I never really did Yoga before. Bhud recommended to practice Yoga asana at least 3 months before the start of the course and I would totally agree with that. The course is really intense, so it was really hard for me in the beginning. But with Bhuds patience and with all the passion and joy she brought for teaching yoga you will be captivated and motivated to learn all the wisdom of Bhud. Not only in a physical way, I got the chance to feel my body in a way I never felt it before. I learned so much during this whole month and I appreciate all of it. With things like the morning in silence, I learned to grant myself all the space I need to live in piece and harmony. Next to the "normal" lessons we also had some classes in another environment, like the cooking class or the farm day, where we had the chance to learn a whole different lifestyle. I would totally recommend this course for everyone in every section of life. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to learn so much more about my body and my mind, to find my spirit and joy in life.
Marina Miller
Marina Miller
05:14 09 Dec 19
Great yoga training, with a focus on how to move to prevent injury and gain a deeper understanding of your body. One of the things I really appreciated about Bhud's approach is the emphasis on experimentation and constant learning, going beyond the standard yoga poses and exploring on your own how your body feels through different movements. My husband and I have been practicing yoga for just a few months, and we feel that our yoga practice has developed tremendously through this 5 day experience. Healthy, yummy food and a peaceful place to learn!
Julia Hederstrom
Julia Hederstrom
06:53 29 Oct 19
Xhale Yoga YTT with Bhud went beyond my expectations. With all the yoga teacher trainings out there, I’m glad this one chose me:) Bhud is a humble, energetic and passionate human being sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience from her heart. I found her approach to yoga very refreshing and unique, and got just what I came for-to understand a component of yoga in a way that feels light and lifted. With two words, she can breathe ease into your asana, and help you stay connected from the core. By not focusing on “perfect alignment”, she acknowledges each person’s wisdom for adjusting their body to their own structural needs, and cultivating the skill of listening to one’s own body first and foremost. She is hyper aware of helping find the perfect balance in each asana for the hips and spine, and guiding the release of any tension in the postures we might strain these areas. This was such a critical foundation I found so necessary in my practice of yoga, alongside the many pranayama exercises to assist our breathing patterns. When it comes to theory and yoga philosophy, Bhud embodies whatever she teaches. Honest to the core, she teaches out of direct experience and practice; there is nothing “conceptual” about her teachings. Using many of her life stories as examples, she goes beyond the paper and challenges us to act from a place of knowing ourselves, rather than repeating to others what we do not yet fully understand. What I really loved in this course was the freedom I experienced in myself while I was here-she allowed us to find what it is within yoga that spoke to us individually, rather than conforming ourselves to certain expectations. The yoga practice really becoming our own, as we shift our awareness into curiosity. The curiosity within each asana for example, why we do what we do, and how to allow it to work for us to expand and soften even more. While every day was for sure physically and energetically stimulating, Bhud cultivated such a fluid flow and creative focus in her YTT offering, the material felt vibrant and alive. Formless movement, elements dance, chakra meditations, mantra singing, and self expression were all encouraged highlights weaved throughout the training that I really appreciated. Alongside outings in permaculture, thai traditional massage, thai cooking class, and waterfall escapades outside the shala, the activities she offered during the month were filled with endless richness and diversity. Besides these few points, the food at Xhale Yoga is simply incredible; I felt nourished from the inside out during my entire time there. Bhud creates the menu herself that comes to life and brings art as well into the plates! I would say Bhud is an artist of yoga; and each asana she creates is freshly painted on her impermanent canvas of life, with the openness to always be changing and learning every single day. “Never stop learning,'' she says. Well, that is something a true teacher can say. My heart is filled with love and gratitude for this woman for teaching me, not only on the yoga mat, but extending beyond-for giving me the foundation from this course to set my path in yoga and life with such a unique perspective and light. THANK YOU Bhud!
mic whal
mic whal
14:20 04 Sep 19
I found Bhud to be so generous with her teaching, there was so much additional information provided to ensure that the yoga practice you develop as a result of the retreat is tailored to your own needs - this at least makes it easier to keep to. The retreat provides a good overview of Yoga philosophy and offers experimental interpretations. I would say you should try and at least have some prior knowledge of yoga practice before you attend, but you don't need huge experience. The food and accommodation are excellent. Pai is a dream.
joanne omeara
joanne omeara
11:17 09 Apr 19
Life-changing week with a special woman. Two months later I am still reaping the benefits of my week with Bhud! She is one of the most amazing people I have ever met and I think about her words and wisdom every single day. Highly recommend a week in Pai with Bhud if you feel like switching off from the world and switching into yourself. I was high after finishing the retreat, felt physically & mentally re-charged and emotionally connected to myself and others. GRATITUDE always for this wonderful week and for a chance to meet and learn from Bhud. X
Curtis Abigail
Curtis Abigail
03:17 01 Feb 19
Me and my husband came here on our honeymoon, both were beginners at yoga and were looking for a new experience and a change. Xhale retreat was a breath of fresh air (mind the pun) !! We had an amazing time. When I say the food was good, it’s an understatement. Most definitely some of the best food I’ve ever eaten! The chefs are amazing. The yoga was great and we have both been looking up yoga classes wherever we continue to travel too. We left feeling totally refreshed and invigorated to go back into the real world and try to take with us as many things as Bhud , our wonderful teacher, taught us. I sincerely hope we will be able to return in the future. For those of you contemplating doing a retreat, this is the one you want. The setting is beautiful, Pai is a great town and Bhud is an experienced teacher who knows her stuff. Go for it. Namaste. 🙏
Suzanne Miranda
Suzanne Miranda
13:54 24 Jan 19
I am still on the retreat and would say anyone with an interest in healthy lifestyle, yoga, meditation, and open to new knowledge and experiences should do the retreat with Bhud. Setting is beautiful, comfortable rooms, really nice daily schedule. Everyone has been commenting on how this is the best food they've had and it is all made from scratch with fresh local ingredients. The yoga is hatha and yin style and the setting is relaxed and in a beautiful location. I would do the same retreat again and would guess for most of us, it will be the highlight of our travels. The experiences from this week will go far beyond the yoga mat and the learning was profound and shared with genuine love for the practice. With love and gratitude to everyone who was part of this retreat and especially to Bhud. Namaste.
Tana Shepherd
Tana Shepherd
12:51 17 Jan 19
I loved my time at Xhale! We ate healthy food, we moved our bodies, created space for our minds, and challenged our thoughts. Bhud is an inspiring human; she has created an incredible space for her students to explore the depths of their mind, body, and spirit, and I am so grateful. It was pure soulfood. I appreciated all aspects of what Bhud offered - morning silence, meditation, breath work, asana practice, clean and nourishing food, and thought-provoking discussions. I had only done a few classes before entering this retreat, but by the end of the week, I feel confident that I know how to start my own home practice. I’ve developed a deep respect and gratitude for the practice of yoga that, as evident by the mat now strapped to my backpack, I am eager to continue exploring!
Sara Kallus
Sara Kallus
00:52 11 Dec 18
I just completed the 5 days retreat and came out a different, improved version of my self! Happier, more relaxed, cleaner (inside and out), with a lasting motivation to keep up with my yoga lifestyle. My experience with yoga was close to none when I entered the lobby at the retreat. A slight bit nervous about the capabilities of the rest in the group and worrying I wouldn’t be able to follow. But Bhud has no intention of challenging you with fast flows and complicated positions. It’s all about getting to know and FEEL your body. To figure out how yoga can improve your life, no matter your experience. To learn how to move right and how to listen to your body and breathing. The food is AMAZING!!! I can’t stop thinking about the mind blowing constellations of colorful, healthy ingredienses and how tasty it was! Bhud... a unique, loving and wise lady, knowing how to live life to the fullest and teaches you to do the same. She’s flowing through every movement, making it all look so natural and easy. You will never regret joining this retreat - I dare to promise that! 🙏🏻💕
Charlotte Blondeel
Charlotte Blondeel
10:12 28 Aug 18
One of the best things I did on my trip. I was completely new to yoga and medidation but lovely Bhud teaches you step by step, always with a smile on her face. I can only recommend this to anybody who feels like taking time for themselves and get new energy in life. The food is absolutely delicious as well. Just do it!
François Gaudreault
François Gaudreault
15:48 04 Aug 18
Bhud is just an amazing person ! Her philosophy of Yoga and meditation is deep and very interesting. Either you are beginner or advanced in these practices, you will love your time in Xhale!! The food is just WOW and the teaching allow you to come back to the essential and make some changes in your life. Don’t hesitate and book!!
K Buesnel
K Buesnel
10:19 02 Nov 17
If you get the chance to experience this retreat I believe it will be the highlight of your trip, as it was for me when I visited a few years ago. You don't need to be experienced with yoga or super fit, just go with a relaxed mind and you will learn alot about yourself and the wider world of yoga. Bhud is an excellent teacher and very down to earth. The location, food, accommodation and camaraderie with the other students is just lovely as well.
Cassie Tomseth
Cassie Tomseth
21:36 01 Nov 17
All of the included meals were so delicious and nutritious. Bhud's teaching style is very laid back but challenges you to strengthen your yoga skills. The setting is in the hills of Pai, and are quiet and relaxing. The whole experience was completely holistic, she teaches not just yoga but respecting yourself and your body, as well as the environment and those around us. I will definitely be returning for more of this pleasant serenity!
Maartje Groenewald
Maartje Groenewald
11:57 27 Oct 17
I've been visiting Xhale Yoga Retreat twice! Bhud is a great teacher. She has her own style and is a fun lady. She shares lots of interesting subjects of her live which are inspiring. I can truly recommend this course!
Jen Barrett
Jen Barrett
15:52 25 Oct 17
So disappointed trip advisor changed their policy and wiped years of excellent review of Xhale Yoga retreat. I went there in 2015 and it was a wonderful experience. The food was so delicious and the teaching really beneficial. So much introspection, reflections and growth came out of my time there (not to mention friendships with some lovely yogis!). Highly recommend.
Taz Waby
Taz Waby
15:15 25 Oct 17
Went for a 5 day retreat with Bhud a couple of years ago. The practise was challenging and encouraging. The venue was clean, relaxing, and beautiful. The food was simply divine - healthy, nourishing and delicious. Truly exemplary! Bhud's infectious spirit brought a bunch of random strangers from around the world together for a great yoga retreat with plenty of laughs as well. I am planning how to go back -- next time with my daughters when they're old enough.
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