Koh Phangan TTC - 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training

“If you get the chance to experience this retreat I believe it will be the highlight of your trip, as it was for me when I visited a few years ago. You don’t need to be experienced with yoga or super fit, just go with a relaxed mind and you will learn a lot about yourself and the wider world of yoga. Bhud is an excellent teacher and very down to earth. The location, food, accommodation and camaraderie with the other students is just lovely as well.”

K. Buesnel


                                                   Connect to the Meaningful Purpose of Teaching and Living

Xhale Yoga 200-hour yoga teacher training program is to encourage students with a strong creative focus to unlock each student’s individual potential and unique voice.

The foundation of knowledge of anatomy, alignment and adjustments will serve as a powerful base from which to teach and guide your students through a practice that educates, inspires, creative, ethical awareness and heals.

You will come away with a strong foundation in the technical, creativity, inspirational and business side of yoga that combine together to connect to the meaningful purpose of teaching and living.

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How it feels to live on a farm and practice
yoga among like-minded people?

How it feels to live on the island and practice yoga among like-minded people?

Koh Phangan Thailand
The island of spiritual pleasure and self-indulgence. 

The island long known for its alternative culture, its Yin/Yang atmosphere, and its breathtaking natural beauty. Legend has it that Koh Phangan is actually perched upon a large deposit of Quartz Crystals, and indeed, the island does seem to inhibit unique healing properties.

It only seems logical that an abundance of yoga, detox and healing modalities have proliferated here. The growing number of vibrant and proactive expats has ushered in a positive community of jovial travelers, curious locals, digital nomads, health enthusiasts and spiritual seekers, with a focus on natural, sustainable and conscious living.

Said Kelly Alexander, The Yoga Nomad

Course Investment

Pricing - 200hrs YTTC in Koh Phangan

All cost is covered

  • 2 meals Vegetarian Monday – Saturday
  • Drinking water

Read reviews from our educated students

A safe space to be vulnerable and be yourself!!

What an amazing 25 days journey. I Will never forget this experience. I learned a lot about who i am, and how to be myself and live my highest potential.

Bhud is amazing, such an exclusive and honest woman. The group was so connected, like one big family.

The TTC is build up very nice, with all the aspects of yoga. Asana’s, pranayama, meditation, philosophy etc. But also a safe space to be vulnerable, be yourself, open up, show your emotions.

I recommend everyone who does the TTC to start with teaching immediately after the TTC, to bring that what you learned into practice. Also keep your own practice up, we are All teachers and students for each other!

May all beings have peace 🙏🏼

Jerry Elferink

Explore the depts of the mind, body and spirit.

I loved my time at Xhale! We ate healthy food, we moved our bodies, created space for our minds, and challenged our thoughts. Bhud is an inspiring human; she has created an incredible space for her students to explore the depths of their mind, body, and spirit, and I am so grateful. It was pure soulfood.

I appreciated all aspects of what Bhud offered – morning silence, meditation, breath work, asana practice, clean and nourishing food, and thought-provoking discussions.

I’ve developed a deep respect and gratitude for the practice of yoga that, as evident by the mat now strapped to my backpack, I am eager to continue exploring!

Tana Shepherd

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